Integrated MRV Online Tool for Climate Mitigation Action Tracking (Webinar)


Integrated Data Tracking for Vanuatu’s Climate and Development Targets
by Jesse Benjamin, Director General, Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Vanuatu


Building on the SDGs and leveraging sustainable development impacts can provide concrete entry points to enhance NDCs. Capitalizing on existing processes, systems and institutional capacity will maximize synergies and reduce cost of achieving the dual goals. In most countries, NDC and SDG implementation processes are being done in parallel, with little coordination or alignment.

In a first of its kind initiative, Vanuatu has embarked on activities moving towards achieving its NDC goals through the integrated MRV framework with the overall objective to effectively track all key parameters to track SDG impacts towards achieving its NDC commitment. This webinar is organized jointly by UNDP through its NDC Support Programme, the Government of Vanuatu, Ministry of Climate Change and Subbarao Consulting Services.


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