Naveen Kumar Pawar

Naveen has over 15+  years of experience in climate change , renewable energy and energy efficiency  projects and programmes both domestic and internationally. He specialised in designing, implementation and MRV of Climate Change  and Energy Efficiency projects and programmes in developing countries, SIDS and LDCs. Over the period of time he led various CC&EE projects and policy review projects in Asia-Pacific and African countries.   


Naveen has extensive experience in strategic and business consulting to the governments and government entities, multilateral and multinational organizations, industry, corporate houses, public and private sector, cooperative organization, small and medium scale industries, urban local bodies, NGOs for policy, strategies, programme and projects on climate change mitigation, low emission development, carbon strategy, market based mechanisms, GHG accounting and inventory, renewable energy and energy efficiency etc. He helped various clients to address climate change , energy planning, resource efficiency and other environmental and energy related issues, enabling them to understand and realize opportunities and risks.