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About Project

SCS has designed and developed an effective, implementable and robust National MRV system in the form of Integrated MRV Tool for all the GHG sectors and NDC climate change actions (Mitigation and Adaptation) in Kenya and for the energy sector in Vanuatu. The integrated MRV Tool include the monitoring, reporting and verification of climate finance and impact on SDGs. The envisaged integrated MRV Tool will facilitate operationalization of specific provisions in Climate Change Act , NCCAP and MRV provisions under the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement. The integrated MRV Tool will also elaborate institutional arrangements, procedures and processes including for data-generating, recording, storing, aggregating, collating and reporting etc. 


The integrated MRV tool is aIT integrated on-line tool including networking with a central data repository. The monitoring of GHG emission reductions, SDG parameters and financial flow for each climate action/project/programme will benefit in terms of improved international/bilateral cooperative cooperation. Further, the resultant GHG emission reductions may be used as internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMO’s) under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.  

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