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About Project

In view of the successful adoption of the Paris agreement, Nauru intends to initiate the preparatory activities for moving from INDCs to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Nauru is interested in extending the INDC project activities for development of a road map and an implementation plan, an accompanying institutional framework and stakeholder capacity building for revising the INDCs to NDCs for subsequent implementation of the mitigation and adaptation contributions upon receiving the conditional finance, technology, and capacity-building support as indicated in the submitted INDC. 

SCS assisted Government of Nauru in developing an implementation roadmap for its NDC which included: Carry-out stakeholder consultations to identify, develop and facilitate a holistic approach for developing the road map and implementation plan; Define mitigation reduction strategies in GHG intensive sectors; Consult with agencies related to these sectors on the progress of implementation and also perform the need and gap assessments; Develop a framework for INDC implementation roadmap containing CC mitigation measures and strategies; Consult with each sectoral group in order to seek comments/suggestions and subsequently develop the detailed CC mitigation measures for each respective sector; Formulate and design the necessary activities needed in the roadmap including indicators, main risks, assumptions, targets and timeline to be achieved; Estimate GHG emissions reductions in the BAU and project alternate scenarios using the accepted IPCC guidelines; Estimate cost-effectiveness of the activities and elaborate sustainability, innovativeness, replicability and scale-up strategy; Develop detailed INDC implementation roadmap; Obtain stakeholder comments and feedback on the draft roadmap and subsequently revise the draft and finalize the draft INDC implementation roadmap. 

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