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About Project

Fiji’s TNA will form the basis for identifying environmentally sustainable, low carbon technologies as Fiji’s commitment in the implementation of Article 4.5 of the UNFCCC and will be reported under the Third National Communication (TNC) report which Fiji is currently compiling. The Second National Communication for Fiji indicated that relevant policies, legal and institutional frameworks are to be targeted to facilitate the implementation of decision 4/CP.7 in the areas of technology needs and needs assessments, technology information, enabling environments, capacity building, and mechanisms for technology transfer. 

The TNA will set the country-driven activities that identify and determine the mitigation and adaptation technology priorities applicable to Fiji. In addition, it will consider the vulnerability and adaptation assessments, mitigation studies, energy planning studies, health technology assessments and national/sectoral development plans in order to identify and determine those that promote technology transfer and addresses technology needs assessments. 


The activities for SCS under the assignment were : Develop a sector and technology identification and assessment methodology complete with timelines, customised to Fiji following international mitigation methodological guideline and adaptation methodological guideline; Develop a list of sectors and prioritised shortlist of sectors in accordance with the approved methodology; Conduct TNA in Adaptation sector. Sector includes: Agriculture (Sustainable Water Use & Management, Soil Management, Sustainable Crop Management, Sustainable Livestock Management, Sustainable Farming Systems, Capacity Building & Stakeholder Organisation); Coastal erosion and flooding; Water sector; Fisheries; Forestry; Communications; Tourism; Urban development & Housing; Health & Social Systems; Biodiversity & Ecosystems; Conduct TNA in Mitigation Sector which includes: Agriculture (Cropland Management; Livestock Management; Manure & Bio-solid Management; Organic Agriculture, Bio-energy); Building; Transport; Energy; Industrial process & Use; Waste; Others; Prepare a Strategy and a Costed Action Plan for prioritized technologies; Synthesize TNA process in a report. 

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