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About Project

The main objective of this assignment was to identify and strengthen the country’s policy and technical capacity and potential in identifying and implementing waste to energy projects. The study will mainly:  

(i) Quantify and assess the amount and types of waste resources available in Fiji for waste-to-energy power generation;  

(ii) Ascertain the feasibility of different type of waste resources for waste to energy projects and select sites which are feasible for the establishment of waste-to-energy power generation facilities (considering the economic, social and environment impacts;  

(iii) Recommend the potential waste resource available (biomass type, agriculture feed stock and wastes) with appropriate technologies for waste-to-energy power generation in Fiji (allowing balancing the economic, social and environmental benefits);  

(iv) Recommend on effective implementation (including policy framework, tariff, sizes, site suitability, etc.) of waste-to-energy power generation facilities in Fiji (consideration of economic, social and environment gain).  


The major constraints identified for implementation of waste to energy projects were low awareness and lack of appropriate information on waste to energy; inadequate technical capacities to develop real projects; low availability of financial services; insufficient institutional capacity as well as unspecific and unfavourable policy frameworks. It was also observed that the capacities and requirements to deal with risks  

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